Our Story

Placing a touch of southern hospitality & family in every board we make.

Straight from the heart

How it all began

Our Story

Hi there Southwest Louisiana, meet Gabrielle (me).
I want to share a few things about me and the "why" behind the business.
My story is simple yet fits my personality. Growing up, you could always find me in the garden with my grandpa or in the kitchen helping my grandmothers, my mom, and dad. I absolutely adore family time. It is the foundation of why I started this business. Food was always the start of the sweetest memories growing up. You ask me anything about my childhood and my stories will have staple family food involved.

My favorite thing to do is to host family or friends in true southern hospitality form; with food. I am the happiest whenever I am in the kitchen, listening to some music (preferably my Johnny Swim station), preparing food for anyone.

Behind every business owner, there is an outpouring of love and support from family including my husband, John. I always said the way to a man's heart was through his stomach with food. That's how I snagged my hubs! John and I are healthy food lovers. Our main food groups are: meat, cheese, and veggies with occasional fruit! The "why" behind the business.

Why did I start a business? Well, when you are gathered with the people you love, there is always good food involved and you remember those special moments even more (just like my childhood memories). I want to be able to provide that staple, healthy, flavorful food for all of your events. Whether it's lunch for work, to a birthday, to a date night to even a wedding, or remembering the lives of those we love. We want to be apart of those memories and show you the love through our food.

- John & Gabrielle Wainwright

We source the best quality ingredients

We promise to provide you with the best quality charcuterie around, with every piece of food inspected for quality. We also aim to provide the cleanest, most sterile environment for your food items so that your board is as safe as it is delicious!

We love what we do

Being able to impact our community in a positive light is what drives us to be better and keep doing what we're doing everyday.

Can't wait to meet you

Whether you'll be stopping in for the first time, coming in to place an order, or just coming to grab a fresh board to-go on your lunch break - we can't wait to meet you. Feel free to order online in the meantime!


Feel good stories from our clients.

Natalie Leblanc

My family has gotten several boards from Bayou Boards, and they’ve all been delicious and so well put together. Each board is a work of art and is sure to please any crowd. Gabrielle offers plenty of options, from sweet to savory, for even the pickiest eaters. This company is also a joy to work with  - communication and delivery are always prompt and professional. Our community is blessed to have this unique culinary experience!

Lauren Fontenot

I just received my board and I couldn’t be more happy. The cheese selections are perfect! Will absolutely be ordering again!

Allison Fobbs

I absolutely LOVE Gabrielle’s creativity when it comes to her boards! While including your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, she doesn’t skimp on the guilty pleasures. EACH board has been unique and never subpar. I’m saying goodbye to those boring finger foods and ordering a charcuterie board to entertain my family & friends.

Tamara Fontenot

I loved my board! Congratulations on your business and look forward to my next board 😊